May 07
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Sinking deeper and deeper,
The whale -
Flying with its wings

A lion is roaring,
Screaming -
Its blue hair is puffy

My body gets soaked in,
I’m shrinking -
Darkness all around me.

I’m in a building now,
Plants are growing in every corner
The stripes are chasing me

The tiger is jumping and chasing and biting,
I’m running and hiding and screaming and crying;
Don’t eat me, I am tired.

Standing in the ship, the middle of it all
You open the back, water streams in
There comes the flood -

Animals are swimming and swirling and
It is so loud my ears are hurting -
I get away and fly

Into the night, I escape -
The elevator door opens and
A lion jumps onto me

The elevator door opens -
A cheetah rips my skin off -
The ship is sinking, I am left.

You won’t let us go,
All eyes are on the food -
I am hiding my phone and talking for help -

You can’t see the threat I am alone,
Let me grab your hand!
Give me hope

You say no, your hands are gone,
Leaving, me, I’m alone in the crowd.
You stare, my heart rate jumps -

She knows -
Sees the pain, loses the sight,
Alone again.

Dolls are talking,
I need to move, because they can -
Paralysed, mute, not deaf.

Flying and higher and taller,
And falling and closer and dead -
Not over, don’t worry.

The bombs, they can see us,
They can see us -
No, the glass ball is safe

We can swing and laugh and die,
Bullets are firing -
It stopped.

Standing on my ladder -
Looking into my bed,
You’re here, you’re dead,

You’ve failed -
It’s over.
No, it’s night, again and forever,

The path is dark and black and wide -
You’re not at home, left me again -
You are alone, I can’t help you.

Laying on the roof -
I don’t hear your screams anymore,
Keep on walking, don’t find me.

Rushing down the stairs -
A corner, a corner,
I’ll stay alive.

Throwing me on your back -
Please look over -
My voice got away, now lives without me.

Following me into my garden  -
I’m closing all the blinds -
Murder us in the kitchen but you’re dead already.