May 08

I Love You To Death

Eyes like daggers,
you wish you hadn't fazed her.
They're flaring red
and you'll wince at them over
and over again.
She's a sorceress wielding
and you're trapped.
She'll cast a spell on you.
Now you're hexed.
You'll need more than salt
and white candles
to cleanse your mind now.
Her black thistle-down
hair with hungry snakes
will cover you
and grab you with a hiss.
She bites hard
and claws so mercilessly
you'll never feel
the blood in your wounds.
She'll lick them clean.
She'll take your soul tonight
and you'll forget
ever living all by yourself.
She'll tell lies
and worry you to death
and she'll dare
to challenge your desire.
A pretty little thing,
a devilish little heir of hell,
and you're gone.
She'll be at your funeral march
with a sly grin
and touch her cold dead lips
to your own.
You'll love her enough to die
with her sins
and your pleasure in the dark.