May 08


I see a face in my head of a young girl. Though I am convinced I have no idea who she is, she looks familiar. She is wearing a blue patchwork dress with yellow ribbons in her blond braided hair. She is also wearing white leggings and black mary janes. In her hands is a notebook with a pen. She is running through a field of daisies. Then everything goes black. My dream goes dark.
I feel dizzy so I open my eyes. It takes a second for them to adjust to the brightness of  . . . . of the sun? I look around and all I see is tall grass around me. I look up to a blue sky. It's daytime? But it was night when I went to sleep. Plus, I did not fall asleep here. Did I? I stand up and gain my balance before looking over a field of  . . . . . of daisies! Wait this was where the little girl was. Right? But it can't be. No. I tell myself. No way.  I don't know where to go. How do I get home? What is this place? I look this way and that but all I see is daisies, grass, sky and sun. No sign of life or water anywhere near. I look down and notice I am wearing a blue dress with white sneakers. I reach up to touch my hair and feel metal clasp holding it in a bun. Then I feel something heavy on my chest. My hand immedietly moves to the place. A necklace is there. I pull it over my head. On the silver string there is a locket. I try to open it but try as I might it won't budge. Then I notice the tiny words etched in the silver, "Follow your heart, always." "But how!" I yell into the expansiveness. "My heart wants me to go home!" I sit down where just a few minutes ago I was laying. How will I ever get out of here? What is the use of these new clothes?
I will myself not to cry but it's no use. The floodgates open and I am crying even though 12 year olds don't cry. " I've always wanted to be on my own." I murmur into my hands, "But I never knew it would be this hard."  I wipe my eyes up and stand up again. I take a deep breath. "You can do this Oceane." I decide to go left first and I start to make my way through the flowers.
About the Author: happy_smiley