YWP Newsletter - 5/15/19

Hello, YWP writers! We're getting closer still to the end of school. Just think- a whole few months to relax, enjoy the weather, and, of course, write. What are you looking forward to the most?

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This week's featured authors and photographers are: beautifulMy Perperual We..., Marina2020, LadyMidnight, k.daigle, little elephants, and Abriatis.

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by My Perpetual We...

Make myself a new messiah,
"Trust me," I say- they know I'm a liar;
some good old-fashioned bloodletting,
you take it back- I'm not forgetting
that time they told me I was dirty-
Little birdie,
far too wordy,
                      quite upsetting.
It wasn't long before it worsened,
hateful, pithy little person-
can't explain why my shows are all booked;
you say they're mad- I say they're hooked
and maybe just a little crazy-
Slightly lazy,
eyes are hazy
                      since I first looked.
Burn this copy; new revision-
tripping on my tunnel vision;
dark and gritty, avant-garde,
cannot swallow- much too hard
if you've ever stopped to listen-
Twisted vixen,
pavement glistens
                              with glass shards.
The shades are drawn; the light is darkened
in some Kabuki cat's apartment-
a leather glove, a cigarette,
don't ask for more- that's all you get;
until you someday stop and wonder-
Going under,
loot and plunder,
                           though we've never met.
Dirty velvet used for masking;
time's a bitch- though no one's asking;
pour diamonds down the kitchen sink,
I bet you've never stopped to think
about the blood those diamonds spilled-
Nearly killed,
rather thrilled,
                      pen and ink.

(Photo credit: Marina2020)
by LadyMidnight

I believe in watching sunsets
And reaching your fingers up
Until you brush the sky
And have color stained fingers.

I believe in laughing and smiling
And being happy
To be alive in this moment.

I believe in spontaneous hugs
When you run up behind your friends
And just breathe them in
Holding them like you never want to let go
(you don't)

I believe in rain clouds
That stream across your fingers
As you stare at yourself in ripples of puddles
As your boots slowly fill 
Until they overflow.

I believe in speaking out
Until your voice croaks from over use
And the world is a peaceful place
And equality is expected.

I believe in writing.
Putting pen to paper 
Until your hand is cramping
But the waterfall of words spilling from your mouth
Is not slowing.

I believe in you.
Chances are I've never met you
But I believe that you want the best for this world and the people in it.
I know that you want change 
And I know that you'll step up in the name of equality.
I believe in you.

I believe in myself
And the change that I create.
I believe in my wits
And my smile
To put me in the right place
In the right time period.
I agree with you.
I have no interest in being forgotten.

So please
Believe in me and yourself.

(Photo credit: LadyMidnight)
Why I Write
by k.daigle

I’ve always had trouble with words.

My whole life, they have gotten stuck in my throat,
my mind whispering to shove them back down,
where they get locked in my heart,
never to be heard.

I don’t know why my mind does it,
why it has trained me to think that
no one wants to hear my words,
my thoughts and opinions.

The only time that the lock is opened
is when I write. For whatever reason,
once I have a pencil and a piece of paper,
all those words are set free.

From there, they spill out, dance along the page,
poured from my inner self until they are their
own being. They roam where they wish,
and my heart is finally light once more.

This is my reason for writing.
I cannot speak and be who I am
without my ability to write.
What is your reason?

(Photo credit: little elephants)

Tiny Writes

asleep we stay 
under the awning
of rotten boughs
and dying leaves

we're killing the planet
why aren't we doing anything?
we are
is it too late?

Sometimes I wish I could stop time,
but then nothing would matter anymore. 
Time is the essence of being alive.
Are we really born just to die?
No, we are born to use the time we are given,
and not waste it wishing we could stop it.