May 16
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The Twisted World

"Hi i'm John and here I am getting ready for bed and I'm about to brush my teeth when my annoying little sister drops her marbles on the floor and I slip and fall and next thing I know is that everything went black."Out of the sudden I hear BOOM!!!!!! and I wake up and look around I'm not in our bathroom anymore I'm in the woods at night I try to get up but I can't so I walk on my fours and suddenly notice I'm hairy and I have giant paws I scream,¨AHHHHH!!!!!¨ but it comes out as A deep low growl I'm A tiger!!!! I frantically search for a place to sleep when I see two big red beady eyes staring at me I say hello? response and then it walks away I say ¨wait up!¨ but whatever It is It's way to fast then I notice I'm lost so I lay on the ground and go to sleep. The next morning I got up and notice that there is lots of tigers sleeping around me so I come up to them and ask why I’m a tiger. The largest tiger comes up to me and says,¨I am Monsek and we were all humans before they got transported to this twisted world¨ I ask, ¨why is this called the twisted world?¨  Monsek says¨because every day everything changes and twists into your worst fear we were told that you would come and save all the animals from this disaster.¨ wow but what can I do?¨ says John, Monsek says¨ you must go on a quest to the sealed gates to free us all from this crazy place. I think you should go through the forest of despair good luck. And with that I was off. Soon I found a sign that said forest of despair so I went in. soon It was night time so I looked for something to eat and all I found was a couple of apples so I ate them and went to sleep. The next morning I was on a walk and something attacked me!!! I snarled and hissed until I finally got it off me and I ran Away thinking what was that!!!!! I ran until I came to a large gate and it said I will only open to the chosen one when you speak the words aklone, aklone, open now so I said,¨aklone, aklone open now¨ and It opened so I walk in and next thing I know Iḿ in my bed It was all a dream!!!!
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