May 17

I'm No Diamond

I busted through the wall,

And gave up hoping to fly over while knowing I would fall,

I tore through hell,

And won the war when everyone thought I would fail,

I stood up to the building,

And knocked it down when no-one else was willing,

I toppled the mountain,

And retrieved my gold fountain

I went to go and face the giant,

Won that battle then I made new alliances,

I went to mock the people that didn't believe in me

But my past me who busted the wall punished me so I couldn’t see,

I stole from people that hated at me so they left,

But my past me that tore through hell punished me so I went deaf,

I put sewage on the people that thought I would fail,

But my past self that knocked down the building punished me so now I can’t smell,

but now that I rest I can now reflect,

That’s where I noticed life is a simple gem just people make it complex,

I’m no Diamond, oh no, Because I’m not perfect