May 21
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Clueless Actions

I should’ve listened,
The day I left to go on that plane
Was told to be cautious, careful,
Despite his charming smile.

I should’ve listened,
To the countless times he would call me,
Every second of every day,
Making me feel like the tragedy of the relationship.

I should’ve listened,
To when my mother was getting signals
The sociopathic tendencies
signs that ran through her mind
Yet she and I brushed it aside.

I should’ve listened,
To the way he treated the ones around,
The aggression seeping through the walls,
Of which he punched,
I was scared.

Constricted I felt like prey,
Trapped and Lifeless.

I should’ve listened,
When he wouldn’t let go,
He should’ve listened,
When I told him no.
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