May 22
poem 0 comments challenge: Home
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Although I have moved once or twice,
the majority of my thirteen year existence
has been in this one place.
A trashy town so close to the border of Canada
that some people jokingly call it South Canada.
It's so close to the border, we run to it during track practice
If you've never had the pleasure
of stumbling across this little town in Vermont,
it's called Richford.
But, I don't care what my physical home is in.
They say home is where the heart is.
My heart is in the people that are in this town.
The small family with a single mom
and two kids across the street,
she works for the middle and high school.
My mom and dad who also both work in the school system.
Mom is a math tutor and dad is the I.T. dude.
My heart is to all of my best friends who 
are within walking distance 
so we can hang out whenever we want to
(Or whenever our parents lets us at least)
I've realized that home is not just where you live,
It--as the saying goes-- is where the heart is.