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[Photo by Ilya Ilford on Unsplash]
Pick a stationary object, and place it near a source of natural light. Take pictures of it periodically through the day. When you're done, try to identify areas of front, side, and back-lighting. Post your photos in a slideshow.

Notes on Lighting:
Lighting plays a major role in how photos communicate with their audiences. It can affect color and structure of the subject. It also influences mood and meaning. Whether photos are well lit, or leave more to the imagination, lighting is an essential part to taking photos.
  • Front Lighting: This typically makes the photo a little flatter as it eliminates shadows and highlights, so for creating space, you'll need to focus on space and depth of field.
  • Side Lighting: Helps create more depth to subjects through well defined shadows and highlights.
  • Back-Lighting: This completely, or partially, flattens a subject. Back-lighting places more emphasis on the silhouette of the subject. You'll have to focus more on negative and positive space and the intended mood of the photo.
Exposure: The amount of light reaching your camera's sensor or film.
  • Underexposure: when there isn't enough light in your photo to give you the "information" you need. In other words, it's hard to see.
  • Overexposure is the opposite problem with a similar effect. By overexposing, you can lose some of your content in the light.
(This challenge was created by YWP alumna Erin Bundock)
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