May 24

You robbed me.

You're a thief.
You stole everything that mattered.
You left me as a book with a spine, but ripped out all the pages.

You stole my eyes.
I can no longer open them to reality. 
I pry them open daily, only to see that nothing has changed and my life is still in shambles.
Precisely the way you left it.

You stole my touch.
I can no longer feel skin without you stuck in my thoughts, like you were my drug and I was an addict.
Now I'm stuck in rehab.

You stole my soul.
I let you into my heart and you left your mark like a tattoo.

You even stole my name.
Your voice was enslaving, like you were honey and I was a bee.
It plays in my head like a soundtrack to a playlist I can't delete.

I was a mirror.
You smiled at me, and I was shattered.
Now You've left me picking up the broken shards.

About the Author: DarkTruths