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Sandwich Milestone

It's interesting, really, that a sandwich sounds appetizing to you, because you've never—never, in all of your 15 years—liked sandwiches before. Sure, cheeseburgers and grilled cheese have always been hits, but... Deli meat with lettuce and cheese between two pieces of bread? Wow. And sauce? Since when have you tolerated sauce? When you were younger (maybe even a week ago), you picked apart your sandwiches and ate each layer one by one. First the meat, then the lettuce, then the tomatoes, saving the cheese (if it was good cheese) for last... and maybe you'd eat a slice of the bread. If it was nice bread, and it wasn't covered in sauce.
Somehow, out of the blue, you've decided that you like sandwiches. Whole. Eaten together, even if you did scrape the sauce off.
It's like you're a new person, inducted into the world of Normal People. Normal People who eat their sandwiches the way they're supposed to be eaten.
I guess we can thank far-away basketball games where the only food readily available is Subway (minus the meatball subs, otherwise you would've gotten one instead) for awakening you to the wonderful world of deli meat sandwiches. What's that? You had a salami sandwich, too? And a turkey one? I guess that basketball game must have really made you hungry to not only try but enjoy salami sandwiches. I must say, I'm proud. I can properly count you as a family member now. Won't life be easier, now that you can appreciate a good sandwich instead of complaining and picking it apart?
This is truly a life-changing moment. You'll never look back to the dark ages of your past, girl—you've got a bright, bright future ahead of you.