May 29
poem 0 comments challenge: Peace

Questions for society

What is our vision of peace?
Is it the raging wars and the echoing sounds of gunshots of our past, present, and future?
Is it the angry protests that fight bravely for ones own beliefs?
Is it the sad eyes that watch their friends suffer from infection and disease?
Is it the shocked silence when someone realizes that their childs school has been threatened by a troubled person and a gun?

What can it really be?

Is this what we have really become?

We can do better then this.
War may be an universal language,
and people might be willing to hurt innocents,
but it is no excuse.
We are overwelmed and overrun with issues to sort out,
we should do it quickly and equally.
We are running out of time, society.
Something must be done,
before its to late.