May 31
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By Riley Burkins
What is Home?

It is a word claimed by many a place,

A house, a hotel, a friend’s house, or a relative’s home.

All of those places can be characterized as home,

The only factor is the one who claims it to be.

Is a place that is dependent on one thing,

And that is love.

For where there are the people, and things that is truly loved.

The brother that annoys you to the breaking point sometimes, but only realizing revenge will result in consequences after the punch.

The mother that holds you when you need it most, and doesn’t judge when things don’t go right.

The father that supports you in everything you do.

And, most importantly, the love that binds it all together,

Then, there is a Home.

Is something that is stated for just about anything sometimes.

A word used for a purpose that, most often, defeats its full potential.

See, to truly love, that love must be eternal,

Only then can the love that is felt be truly love.
They say, “Home is where the heart is…”,

And they are right,

Because a home cannot only be characterized as a singular place,

It cannot only be the place you live,

Home is where you Love, and will always Love,

Home is where the heart always is.

And that, is the final answer.
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