Jun 01

We believe in you

When he said no
I cried a river
You must be feeling a hundred times more
When I squeezed my eyes tight and wished for my feelings for him would die
I know you are feeling a thousand times more
When I watched my tears drip down to the blanket
Your blanket must be soaked
Remember we are here
I am here
Just as you were for me
Stay strong, stand tall
Because I believe in you
We all do
We can be your outlet when you are feeling down 
He is twisted
He is hurting you
He is making you into his own puppet show
Playing with your feelings like they don’t matter
laughing at your misery 
Blinded by his own naive opinions,
not ready to accept the truth.
And the truth is that 
When we look into your eyes, 
we see more than your appearance.
We see who you truly are.
And that is what makes you beautiful.
Ten thousand times more beautiful then her.
She can brag all she wants,
But it will only make her greedy for more attention
Thirsty for his praise
You say “It will never be...”
But your future happiness doesn’t depend on him
You will be free
A million times more free then you would be