Jun 01

Be Grateful

Be grateful

'Cause at some point in your life,

Somebody saw a spark in you worth noticing.

At some point in your life, you fell in the face of reality,

But somebody brought you back again.
Be grateful

'Cause for every breath you inhale,

Nearly two people lose their lives.

For every 100 steps you take,

Approximately 105 people breathe their last breath.
Be grateful

'Cause somewhere out there,

There's a human being living a way more deficient life than yours,

A life with no clean water to even remain a night,

Or a cozy, warm, soft blanket to hold on tight for the cold.
Be grateful,

'Cause unlike you,

Somebody is fighting a severe and critical disease,

One that has taken so many loved ones,

Including those we felt deeply close to.

Be grateful

'Cause so many people wish for that one chance,

That one chance to express their gratitude to their loved ones,

But due to reality, that chance is terminated.
Be grateful,

'Cause we live on a planet,

One that has everything we need to do what we do in our daily lives,



Right temperature,

But for some unknown reason, we are tearing it down.
Be grateful,

'Cause you and I

​Are still alive on this Earth.

You and I

Are still experiencing life on the most beautiful planet in all of the galaxy.

You and I

Are still in the game, my friend.