Jun 03

Smells Like Dirt

Preschool smelled like Spaghetti-O's.
No joke.
The entire school smelled like that,
the cafeteria especially
because there was always one teacher
who brought them in
for that one kid without a lunch.
I got to have some too.
Kindergarten never really had a scent.
I guess it was because kids talked
more than they ever ate.
It probably smelled like hot breath
and a bit of grass from recess.
First and second grade were the same,
except it also smelled like carpet
because we often had lunch in the classroom
and we'd sit and play games.
I remember the fifth-grade cafeteria
because it was the worst place in the world.
It smelled like desperation.
Everyone wanted to be like the cute girls,
the ones with baby soft hair and booty shorts.
It smelled like a friendless chamber
and I was trapped in it, flailing like bait.
That's what it smelled like,
raw and hopeless bait.
The sixth grade smelled like dirt
because I never actually ate in the cafeteria.
The same goes for seventh and eighth.
I stayed in the classroom with my fellow losers.
Ninth and tenth were one big whiff of deodorant
and after some time, I stopped going there too.
Cafeterias aren't for everyone.
This year, it smells like apples,
like the ones my friends and I would share,
because now I do sit there.
I have someone to sit with,
but I'm still a loser,
so sometimes it smells like dirt,
but I don't mind it anymore.