Jun 04


Did you know that more now than ever, kids are coming out a transgender and questioning their gender? 3 out of 100 are transgender, this is the perfect time for stores to change their ways!  I think you should stop splitting up your kids clothes by gender. I believe that all stores should have genderless clothes because children don't have a defined shape yet, and “girl” and “boy” aren't the only genders kids identify with.  
The first reason stores should not split up clothing by gender is that children don't have a defined shape yet, young kids don't have the necessary hormones to create anything that would set there bodys apart from the other gender. For example young girls body are not producing estrogen to develop breasts or get wider and rounder hips. If a child were to just walk into a store looking for clothes not a gendered piece, we could start seeing people as people before we see male or female.    
My second reason stores should not split up clothes by gender is that boy and girl aren't the only genders kids identify with. As I said before, more kids than ever are coming out as binary and non-binary transgender. With these statistics at least THOUSANDS of transgender people have came into your store and been forced to choose GIRL or BOY- but it's not that simple. There have been numerous brain studies all proving that there are three brains, female, male, and non-binary. This even more backs up that forcing a child into choosing BOY or GIRL can and will make dysphoria, the condition of feeling one's emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one's biological sex worse.
One might object that the majority will still shop for gendered clothing, but they fail to see if stores where to stop making gendered clothing, it would be a thing of the past. Most women's clothes aren't pink and sparkly but that is one of the only options for the “girls” section. It can be really damaging on young children when they are given clothes that could give them opinions on what they can and can not do. For example, it a young girl was given a pink shirt with a mirror telling her to “Just be pretty” she could start thinking that she can't do sports or wear blue.  Let’s be the change we want to see in the world, not the problem.
I really hope you will stop spitting up your children's clothes by gender because kids don't have a defined shape or figure yet, and girl and boy aren't the only gender kids identify with.
“I believe we can all come together, because if you take away the labels, you realize were far more alike than we are different”  

Ellen DeGeneres

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