Jun 05
poem 0 comments challenge: Blue

A Shade of Blue

It was the most
beautiful shade of blue.
The kind you could
fall into and get lost in.
The kind you could
call your favorite color. 
Deep blue.
With a tint of silver. 
Light blue.
With a shade of green.
Blended to create
the most beautiful shade of blue. 

When I looked into her eyes
I thought back to that beautiful
shade of blue.
It was that very shade. 
That very shade of blue.
Simple. But exquisite.

When I looked into the sea,
I saw that beautiful shade
that beautiful shade of blue. 
Light. But deep.

When I looked at the writing
on the whiteboard in my classroom.
I remembered that shade of blue.
The beautiful shade of blue.
Different. But the same.

Looking out to the green mountains
in the morning during sunrise.
I remembered that beautiful shade of

Everywhere I look
I see that shade.
My favorite shade.
The most beautiful shade
of blue.
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