Jun 07

True Companion

"Pen, please," I asked and I lifted the pen between my fingers as if it was moving on its own.
But in my head, my friend named Natalie lifted the pen and passed it to me. 
The sky was a bright blue and the treehouse I was sitting in was bright yellow with sun raining in through the windows.
I sat on a teal beanbag across from Natalie, who was sitting on a green one.
"Natalie, do you remember when you were a journal. I always had to write all of my hardships, problems, and joys between your covers." I say thinking about the days.
"Yes, I do. Very vaguely. But I was so tired and every time you wrote, 'I wish you were alive, I could use another friend.' I felt a longing to be your true companion." says Natalie.
"I am so very glad I can see you and hear you now, even though you aren't truly real or alive," I say. "When I really wanted a friend, I wanted one just like you. You would know everything about me and I could tell you everything that happened in my life." I bent over my beloved journal that was still Natalie and wrote to her. Everything I wrote would be a message in her head and she could remember it forever.
In a minute I finish the letter and I sit up and say, "Did you get the note?"
"Yes," says Natalie. "Yes, I did," she says with a smile.
I put my journal down and look across to her. "Natalie, do you want to explore my world?" 

About the Author: happy_smiley