YWP Newsletter -6/10/19

Happy Summer YWP! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and there are so many beautiful flowers. I hope that all of you have the chance to get outdoors and soak in the warmth. Though the school is wrapping up, there will still be inspiration to be found on YWP. Check out the Summer of Stories and have a chance to win! Contribute to sophie d.'s Good Thoughts challenge and maybe see some of your quotations around Vermont. Write with Jennifer Cohen at her Vermont Commons writing workshop and pick up some new skills. And of course, be sure to read the June Voice! Have a great week!

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This week's featured authors and photographers are Graceful, abrieart, Abriatis, fire girl, k.diagle, BlueEyedRose, Autumn Lacroque, and hannemie

Photo credit by abrieart

But Life is Life
by BlueEyedRose

We are told 
To live in the moment. 
A moment, 
Every moment. 

Sometimes, we are victimized
For wanting to see the bigger picture, 
Or, for caring about the overall outcome. 

So maybe my opinion 
Is an unpopular one. 
But nonetheless, 
I don't think living in the moment 
Is all it's cracked up to be. 

We stress 
About little things 
Happening at this very second
In our very long lives. 

The way we look in middle school, 
The way our friend acted in a certain situation, 
That we were late by five minutes. 

Granted, some things in life do make 
Greater impacts 
Then just a few seconds or days 
Of stress, or harmful emotions. 

But most things, 
Especially when you're in high school, 
Don't last longer than those few seconds.

They don't need to, 
Unless you choose to stretch them out. 

Middle school is middle school, 
High school is high school, 
College is college. 

But life is life. 

Don't stress about the smaller stuff, 
Try to look at the bigger picture. 

And I'd say, 
As long as you're liking the overall colors 
And composure 
And feel or your life's painting, 
You're doing pretty well. 
So don't stress about those few wrong brush strokes, 
They aren't noticeable overall. 

Photo credit by Abriatis
FYI (I see you)
by fire girl

like a wave sparkling in the desert.
like a stone rising on the tide.
like the ocean that reflects the sky.

like a pool hidden in the woods.
like the lake at the end of the world.
like a droplet hanging on the bottom of your chin.

every day I'll ask myself how to look into your eyes
but the same day my voice will try to answer.
crying a river of tears
drowning in an ocean of blood
today I'll look beyond,
and it was the most beautiful shade of blue.

Photo credit by Graceful
The Neighbors' Child
by hannemie

People protect their blood
Flesh, bones
Their family of shared homes

Saving young and old from the flood
Short, tall, grown,
The ones on the throne

They protect the rich,
Who protects the poor?
What even do they stand for?

Who protects the polite clever one
The fast charming redhead
What keeps them all from being dead

You? Not you!
They’d be gone if it were
‘Cause deep inside, well, all you care about is her.

Your child, Sir
Her nature is harming,
Neither clever, polite or charming

She is the worst,
But she’s yours
Well she’s not

You protect and save her
And always

But who protects the neighbors' child
The clever fast, charming redhead
Who’s never been anything but polite

She may be your kid
But the neighbors' girl is right
So protect her at all cost.

Why does relation through blood and vanity
Get more rewarded
Than character and humanity?

Photo credit by Autumn Lacroque from Danville School

Tiny Writes

At some point, a dream becomes a reality. 
I am holding on until I can find that point, 
and then it will all be worth it.

I wish I could lose my mind
Because it’s the only thing tearing me apart.