Jun 11

A Love Letter From Me to You

Dear                       ,

There's something I should tell you. 
There's something I should have told you long ago,
But I was scared, and I still am. 
But my fear is not as big as my love.
For you.
I said it. 
I love you. 
Happy now?

I'm not.
I can't sleep at night,
Because finally, 
Finally being awake is better than dreaming.
Because there is no guarantee of you in my dreams.
I wish there were.
I'm exhausting myself this way. 

I considered not telling that I love you many times.
I almost never told you. 
But I thought that it might come leaking out my ears if I kept it any longer,
So I decided that telling you in a love letter was significantly less embarrassing.

That's what this is, you know.
A love letter.
From me,
To you. 

I'm not sure what to say now,
I've said all that I needed to.
I won't describe your amazing beauty,
Or intelligence,
Or kindness.
People tell you about those things often enough already.

What I will do is tell you how annoying you are.
You tease me,
You try to copy my homework.
(Puppy eyes don't work on me)
You steal things from me, 
And pretend that you didn't when I notice.
You make fun of me sometimes,
And you snickered when I fell out of my chair.

But there you were, 
Silently looking over my shoulder at my work,
Letting me lean my head on your shoulder when I was tired, 
And asking about the French homework,
And helping me up after I fell off my bicycle.

You are the sweetest, most obnoxious person I have ever known.