Jun 13
Emily Van Dyke's picture

Be my Juliet

Be my juliet; means never give me a rose,

let me with my lustering skin commit thousands to you.

Be my armor but never my helmet;

let me grasp learning, but watch me when i teach.

Be my once in a lifetime kind of love; Let the love surround our rendered hearts.

Be the Juliet without the death, without the family, without the knife.

Being MY Juliet, means to understand that i already had hid the knife, tainted the family, and shattered death.

I am not scared of what any Juliet might bring,

i relish in the thought of her smile; though i've never seen.

I can already feel how her lips pout and her smile glitz.

I can smell, the flowers she left on the floor as she paces the mouth of our wooden cabin home.

I sense her dark brown hair, and the years of hidden freckles under her round eyes.

Her warm hands intertwine with the weaves of my heart;

My Juliet, is the one i've been waiting for.

I love you, says Juliet.

And it all started to make sense,