Jun 14

Deja Vu

preschool smelled like the open ground and grassy knolls. how do i remember? i don't. all i can do is look through my memories and try to recall everything. 
now, when the wind blows in my face and i'm at peace, i close my eyes and i'm four again, happy and smiling.

fifth grade was loud and noisy, and everything smelled like expired pudding cups and salty tears. the lunch monitors were strict; i remember crying several times during lunch. 
i was always a sensitive child, and that's okay, i think. 

eighth grade had the essence of pokemon cards hidden in sleeves to hide from the lunch ladies, hardly cooked chicken nuggets, and hot dogs that still had soap on them. 
it was easier back then.

now, i don't have a lunch period. the cafeteria smells like vape pods and cinnamon sticks, with a touch of axe body spray. the boys could never hold back.