Jun 18
poem 0 comments challenge: Home

where the heart is

home is the first place you think of when someone mentions:
love, family,
comfort, warmth,
secrets, beauty.
but what of all those who need love and don't have family?
for all those who haven't found comfort and are cold?
for all those who who have too many
secrets and where they rest is not beautiful?
what about those who don't have homes?

what about them and them and them and us?
what about the poor and the wartorn?
what about them?
what about the children and the innocent?
what about them?
what about the escapees and the homeless?
what about them?
and what of everyone trying to restore justice for everyone?
what about us?
About the Author: fire girl
" to choose to write is to reject silence" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie