Jun 25

Dream A Beautiful Dream

I remember my last good dream.
My nights are torn by nightmares
that fuel the pain
I've kept a secret
and I know they're here to stay,
but if I could have just this dream,
this blissful breath,
this warm teacup.
If I could just have this one thing,
this one little favor from the world,
I could be strong
and dry my tears,
but it seems that I am still lost
in the nauseating confusions of life
and my dreams,
the bad ones,
are the disposal of my conscience.
I cannot be the Uncarved Block
for I am stained
and I am worn,
but I want to have this one little thing
just to remember a happier time.
This amazing dream
makes me smile
even in the darkest of life's moments
as their canines drag against my skin.
Death has coronated,
queen of the damned,
and if I have waved my skull scepter,
then let me dream a beautiful dream.
Dream of love,
a beautiful love,
for the love of a beautiful dream.