Jun 28

Writing Contest: Explore

This writing contest -- Explore -- comes to YWP from Alex Baker, who leads a UK teen writing group, Igniting Writing, at the public library in Wokingham, England. Baker has invited YWP and other youth writing groups from Ireland and Cleveland, Ohio to join this contest. It's more about fun and connections with other writers than about competition, but each group will select one winner in early September who will be eligible to win the international contest to be announced later in the fall. (Prizes are as small as our nonprofit budgets, but international connections and recogition are big!) To submit your work, respond to this challenge here, and read on for the rules.
Igniting Writing's Contest Rules:
1) All entries must centre around the contest theme of 'Explore'. You can interpret the theme however you like, but all entries must link back to it in some way.
2) All entries must be 2,000 words or less. This includes the title and any subtitles you decide to use.
3) All entries must be fiction. You can, however, submit any kind of fictional writing you like (a short story, a poem, a play, an extract from a longer story, anything else that catches your fancy - it's entirely up to you).
4) All entries must be PG. This means no swearing, nudity, overly graphic gore and that sort of thing.
5) All entries must be your own original work – in other words, no plagiarism or ripping off another writer. Sadly this also means no fanfiction, but if you want to do something loosely inspired by an existing series that's fine so long as you make an effort to keep it separate from the characters and settings of the series you're drawing from.
6) All entries must be submitted before the contest end date, Sunday, Sept.1

More about the participating groups:
Igniting Writing (Wokingham, UK)
Fighting Words (Republic of Ireland)
Lake Erie Ink (Cleveland Heights, Ohio)


If you would like to connect with writers from the other groups, email: [email protected].