Jun 28


ok this is for a short story involving my characters gyn, jace, julio and ravilo

location: allenbrook

what happens????

gyn and jace are helping at the moonflower festival. they're cutting flowers, painting booths, etc
come the night of the festival, they're dancing with local girls, just generally having fun
something attacks the town, it gets to jace and hurts him p bad
gyn is freaking out and is almost killed himself
cue julio & ravi. ravi shoots the thing attacking gyn and julio joined the fray without revealing himself. 
julio heals jace, but he's still ooa for a while. gyn tries to find julio and ravi and ends up doing so
the things/people that attacked allenbrook are still out there. gyn wants revenge and enlists jul and ravi. 
they leave to hunt them down, leaving jace still in allenbrook.