Jun 30
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Dear America, There is Work to be Done

Dear America, 

your soil is rich with history. 
after all, you are the land of the free
and the home of the brave
but not all of us are free
because not all of us are brave. 

today is the last day of pride month.
in new york city, 
there is a parade
followed by thousands of voices
cheering and fighting for those you have smothered. 
those who are fighting 
will win this battle for equality and justice. 
after all, aren't these the morals you were founded on in the first place? 
and they will win not only for themselves 
and for the people who cannot fight, oh no. 
they will win to shove it in the faces of those who do not care. 
they will win to prove a point; 
they will not be silenced. 
we will not be silenced. 

i hope you are ready to hear us roar, 
because america? 
we are just getting started.