Jul 03


dear america:

don't get me wrong. i love you.
my family has fought for you. my friends have, too.
i've lived here my entire life, and i've only been treated with kindness and respect.
i have a warm bed. i have a loving, whole family. i have a place to go when i get tired. i have food and water. i'm comfortable.

there are some who are not as fortunate as i.
there are some who have been taken from their family at the border;
some who have lost their loved ones to drug abuse and addictions;
some who are homeless after being scammed and lost all they have.

there are some people that are beaten to death for standing up to their rights
there are some that are working on plantations until they lose consciousness.
there are some that are thrown into jail for the same crime someone else only pays a small fine for.
there are children that get shot up by their peers, in their schools, where they're supposed to be safe.

what now, america? what do you propose we do?
we need change. i think we can all see that.
what would washington say, do you think
if he would see us now?

dear america,

things are not right.
you are not blind to our faults
but you do not move to fix them.

we need to change.