Jul 04

did you know (take 3)

Dear America

I know nothing of of you.
I have never mumbled the
pledge of allegiance in a classroom.
I can't even remember
going to a 4th of july parade.
as little as I know, I know that
you are not the America I wish you were.
you shouldn't be called "the promised land"
or "the land of the free".
'cause let me tell you something.
America is not free.
in fact it is wrapped in chains,
pulled to the ground by the one percent.
America is wealthy, but not to us.
America is free, just not to us.
but all the same I am glad to live in America.
(even if I feel guilty all the while)
because I'm on the inside.
it's up to youth like me to make the difference.
we are the new Lost Generation,
but we aren't all necessarily lost.