Jul 06

crosshatch outline

yay another outline ;

kloss ; human
a fireheaded boy. his girlfriend died in front of him, he was framed for her murder, and had to run out of town.
sixteen, seventeen maybe? easily impressionable and hurt. gets jealous quickly and is easily surprised.
has antibodies against what the march wants to do to him. it causes him pain nonetheless.

acroste ; asiid
the more cooler-headed of the two, he's lived his life in silvest with little to no outside contact with the world.
about the same age as kloss, he cares for everyone in silvest. is good with medicine and sometimes has trouble hiding his emotions.
has a soft spot for injured beings, especially animals.

neka ; asiid
a girl with a gigantic green thumb. she has flowers and vines growing in her hair, and she cares for them tenderly.
the most enthusiastic of the garden hands in silvest, she rarely sleeps in favor of pruning and caring for the plants around.
very blunt with her words, but deeply cares for any living thing in silvest.

tille ; asiid
the spokesman and founder of the march, the group that 'runs' silvest. he makes the decisons and informs to public of them.
wants to experiment on kloss - he has 'untouched blood', as tille says. promotes couples having more children so there are more to experiement on.
has little to no morals.

the march ;
a group of five that rule silvest. tille is the most forefront of all of them, with amande as the head scientist.
they take little input from the people and tend to do things their own way, which is, namely, selling 'items' with peculiar properties.
those 'items' are usually people - 'asiid'

asiid ;
those that were experimented on. this usually pertains to changes to unnatural eye or hair color, or markings on the body. occasionally, manifests iteself as wings, horns, etc.
there are also 'failed asiid', those unlucky enough to be so messed up they need to be killed.

notable asiid ;

lilith - supposedly a succubus, but is an offshoot of a vampire. has to use her 'natural assets' to obtain blood, to continue living. escaped silvest a year prior to kloss' arrival.

rosien - left silvest on a quest. eyes are somewhat hypnotic and it's easy for him to take control of other people this way.

lorraine - a straight up, grade A psycho who escaped silvest a few months prior to lilith. has hollow bones and enhanced vocal cords - can screech like an owl. has no regard for any life, because why would she?