Jul 15
poem 0 comments challenge: Clash


You gave me light, now all I see is dark 

You gave me love, now the hate makes me blind 
I gave you my heart, you returned it so fast

I spilled out all my intentions on my brain

I was in that place, full of darkness and hate, you pulled me out

You made me love, you gave some back

But now you hid my heart, somewhere I can’t find 

But even in this place, I still have love for you

I just wanted to spend my time with you

Now that time is gone, never to be in my mind 
I thought you loved me, I don’t understand what I didn’t see

And yet still your on my brain

Yet still in the hatred, I still find love you 

Talking with you, man I felt so alive 

You made me say “fuck suicide, I’m so alive with you”

 When my demon was whispering bad advice

You became my angel, whispering good advice 

Time has run its course, now my demon is back 

Even with my demon setting my dreams aflame

It all ended aflame, my dreams ended in damn flames 

Your voice quells those fires, even after all you’ve done to me
It’s now alright, I found my own light

I’ve fought my demon, now no one corrupts my mind

I’m out of the darkness, now I’m bathed in light 
If you give me night, I’ll give you day

I want to let know, I’m not going anywhere 

I want to let you know, that I love you, as much as I hate you