Jul 16


i would love to be remembered
for the good stuff i've done.

helping people out, whether it be with their homework
or through the worst hours of their lives
or, even, helping my anxious friend
asking questions when she wasn't able to

hell, all i want to do is help people
adopt a shelter dog or cat, donate to the food pantry
adopt or foster a child, volunteer at a nursing home
be a therapist, talk things through with people

i've never felt more accomplished when i was told,
"I really appreciate that you try to help others."
"I like you and I appreciate your help vey much! Thank you for helping me with my attachment problems."
it makes it all worth it.

i'd like to be remembered as someone who
cares very much about the wellbeing of other living things.
nothing is more important to me than the happiness of people around me.

on my grave, i'd like a rowan tree
to over refuge from the sun in these hot new york summers.