Jul 18

a shame

change ?

oh lord, where do i even begin?

our prison systems, designed to keep prisoners in and locked away, made for-profit
the school systems, ones that cause undue anxiety and stress on students
our environment, how badly we've treated it and destroyed countless species and lives
the corruption in the law system, a bias towards women when children are the main concern

there's a lot wrong here.

i'd ;

reform the prisons, make them public and not privatized - no one should be able to profit off of another human being
restructure the schools, give students a choice in what they want to learn - i'll be damned if i use the pythagorean theorem every day
ensure the safety of endangered species, putting a stop to companies abusing it - why would we kill the only planet we have to live on?
refine the courts' biases, give everyone an equal chance - no child deserves to go to their abusive mother simply because of the gender bias in law.

i can't even count all the things that i believe need to change. there's a lot - i'm a generation z kid, i'm watching everything deteriorate with my own eyes. i don't want anyone else to have to do that too.