Jul 21

smol boi

"Ernesto?! Where did you go?!" Liza sat up abruptly, the papers on her desk scattering everywhere. They floated slowly to the ground as she searched for her puppy. "Nesto?!"
The little arf came from underneath one of the sheets as he wiggled out from below the ink-laden paper. His tail wagging, tongue out, the very tiny corgi stared up at his owner before running around atop the assignments.
"Oh! What on earth happened to you?!" Her voice was soft, low as she scooped the puppy into her hands. "Lord, you're so small.." She looked at the clock - it was just past midnight and she was working on a report for her biology class. "I must be dreaming.."
Ernesto hopped off of her palm and continued running on the desk, his miniscule barks nearly inaudible to Liza as she picked up her mess. He circled her pen, nipping at the inked tip. "Oh, stop it! That's not for you to eat!" Liza chided, picking up the pen again.
She covered her mouth with her hand as she yawned, her eyes closing as she did. "Another hour and I'll go to bed, I'm sure you'll be alright in the morning.."

She'd fallen asleep thirty minutes after that, Ernesto sleeping atop her pencil pouch. He was still remarkably tiny.