Jul 28


What do you see when you look at me?
The blue eyes and purple hair?
The doc martens and jean jacket?

Or the curves, chest, and voice?

I am immediately branded, GIRL.
First and foremost defined by a gender,

A gender that I don’t want.

Gender is a social construct.
Many are comfortable with this construct.
Many are able to discover themselves within a category.
It can provide happiness and understanding.

Gender is a social construct.
Many are uncomfortable with this construct.
Many cannot find themselves in the system.
It can provide unhappiness and constriction.

Being autistic, social constructs aren’t exactly “my thing”.

I don’t want to be a girl.
I don’t want to be a boy.
I don’t want to be in between.

I do not find myself in this system,
It provides nothing for me.

Want to know who I am?
Look at the buttons on my jacket,
The strength of my legs,
The color of my hair,
The way that I move,
The band on my t-shirt,
The rainbow on my socks,
The expression on my face.

Do not look for a gender in me.
There isn’t one.