Aug 05
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Igniting Writing ‘Explore’ Contest 2019, Submission by Maya from Lake Erie Ink

We have now received our fourth entry for the ‘Explore’ creative writing contest for teens, led by Igniting Writing, Lake Erie Ink, Fighting Words and Young Writers Project! This entry was submitted by Maya, a member of the Lake Erie Ink group, and is a poem titled ‘When’. It has a fantastic voice throughout the poem and some standout emotional language, so have a read of it below:

When the snow glitters like a million diamonds.

When I hear the tune of a summer sad song.

When I stay in bed for too long.

When I can’t catch my breath.

When I think about before.

When I miss you.

When I kiss you.

When that movie plays.

When I dance.

When we don’t hold hands because people will see.

When they see everything we hide underneath.

When I look at the ocean.

When all my parts come together.

When I see people.

When I am happy.

When I am sad.

When I feel.

When we love.
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