Aug 06
poem 0 comments challenge: Legacy

for all

Like all... I want to be remembered.
but what I want even more then that,
I want to make change.
I want to be rooted amidst the hurricane of fate.
I want to be a figure in the waves of time.
I want to be this girl, in this time,
ready to make change.
I want to be remembered for my words.
and although someday I will die,
my poetry won't.
it will live on.
and on that note,
I will leave this in you.
imprinted on your brain,
Graffiti on city walls,
a tattoo, a scar
for the city's wound.
a plant growing in the soil of your head,
the words bursting like Fourth
Of July fireworks in your mouth.
a scream the forest will echo.
the tide on the sea.
the moon rising over your consciousness
bidding you a fine night and beautiful inspiration.