Aug 08
poem 0 comments challenge: Ferocity


July 3rd, 2015

Silently driving along,
A family of five
In a beige GMC pickup.
Taking a shortcut,
Had dropped off some things
For the next night's bonfire on the hill.
Wind is flying past the windows,
Whoooosh! Whoooosh!
Old country songs playing in the CD player,
All five passengers singing as loud as they are able.

Then it broke...

It was quiet at first,
No one really noticed it,
Until that first spear of chain lightning
Lit up the evening sky far ahead of them.

Rain, falling as fast as the lightning itself.
Family is nervous,
Not sure what will happen when they get home.
Driving through thick rain,
Making it up their dirt road...
To find a tree limb blocks their path.

More chain lightning,
Lighting up the now darkened sky.
Family is worried now,
Brakes on the truck are now beyond repair,
And have to park in the neighbor's driveway.
Had to stay at the neighbor's for a few hours,
Until someone found a way to get over the limb.

That was one the worst nights I've ever experienced.
About the Author: Leah.W
"True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less" -C.S Lewis