Aug 09


Why do we look back
and not forward?
If life is a train
we're just all waiting to be run down.
standing in the tracks,
raising our arms,
only thinking about where we are positioned.
Time moves much slower
if we are taking it in
and not taking it for granted.
Days fly by,
little shards of regret and anxiety cut our thin, fragile bodies
we are not as strong as we think. 
Being human does not mean we always know the answer.
It means we think we know where to turn,
and if sometimes we run into a dead end
at least we learned something.
If one thing is constant,
it's that we are built to run.
Built to flow rapidly, like the water in a harsh, loud river.
Built to fly, swoop and dive like the great birds of the sky,
Built to always be on the move.
Humanity is a beautiful thing,
not because of the angry, ignorant people that make it up,
but because of its determination, 
its grit,
its will to keep fighting until the very end.