Aug 14
poem 0 comments challenge: General

did you know (take 2)

Dear America

what's wrong America,
not what you expected?
do your people still love you
when bombs are effective?
what's wrong America,
did you have trouble sleeping?
do these dark waves upset you,
rising and leaping?
what's wrong America,
some second thoughts?
guess that's what happens
in the "big melting pot".
what's wrong America,
did our protests annoy you?
did you know singing and
yelling were on the menu?
what's wrong America,
eating disorder?
maybe now you can relate
to the children at the border.
what's wrong America,
are we a disgrace?
all we're trying to do is
save the whole human race.
what's wrong America,
are your children revolting?
guess that's what happens when
the whole world starts smoking.
oh America, all we want is some peace,
ya'know, it's real hard to get
when the whole worlds for lease.
America won't you listen to us,
please take note that love is enough.
Freedom, stars on flags and eagles,
please get a brain in your head;
No Human Being Is Illegal.