Aug 14

In the Darkness You Are Invincible

Everything is dark
That's the only thing you know, and that's the only thing you need to know
Everything is dark but the darkness is friendly
It holds converstaions with you in your head
It has a name that only you know
In the darkness you are not scared
There is nothing to be afraid of when the darkness holds your hand
Nothing can hurt you when the darkness laces its fingers into yours and causes tingles in your stomach
In the darkness you are invincible
In the darkness no one can see you
No one can see how broken you are
Everyone is fumbling about 
Unable to see anything
You smile to yourself so that only the darkness can see
You dance like no one is watching because you are alone
You are the only one here
You feel free with the darkness's arms about your waist
You are ethereal 
You are perfect
You are endless

The darkness knows you like no person ever could
It used to scare you
But now that you think back on it you don't know why
Darkness is love to you
Darkness is safe, darkness is home
No one tells you that you aren't wanted
That you aren't loved
Because the darkness loves you
The darkness would do anything for you
The darkness knows what you want everyone to know
And knows what you don't want everyone to know
And the darkness loves you just the same

The darkness doesn't care if you mess up
The darkness will catch you, always there for you to fall into
The darkness would cradle you and hold you forever
If you wanted it to

The darkness just wishes that you knew
How much