Aug 16


The sound of faltering footsteps in the darkness, the runner wheezing with laughter. Meteors whizzing through the night sky, reminding us of how big the universe is. Crickets and cicadas, buzzing, chirping, making noise, creatures smaller than us, their lives even more delicate. The creaking swings, with talking, giggling children perched upon them. Lights on, game night until you're barely awake. Bug bites, itch itch itch. A little breeze, winding its way around until it feels like a miniature tornado of frigid air. Candy, chomped and chewed until the sugar is long gone, packages lying empty. BINGO! Prize claimed and shared at the table, spiraling us into sugar highs. Summer, surrounding me until it's what I eat, drink, and breathe. Everything, coming together to prove to me that I'm really living. Not just living. Alive.