Aug 17

Golden Light (Scene Dump #ICan'tRemember)

"Maybe..I was jealous of you. I don't know why. You always had what I didn't, but that wasn't your fault." I choked back more words that I didn't want to say, but my body coughed them out anyway. "Luna..I think I loved you. And hated you, at the same time. I should've said something earlier, shouldn't I? It's too late, isn't it?"
"Michi.." she trailed off. Her eyes, big and soft, wetted with tears. "You don't need to do this..!"
Without warning, she grabbed onto me, trying to pull me free. To no avail; the debris wouldn't budge, and neither would I. I could only clutch her shirt as she sobbed against me.
"No! No! You have to make it out of this!" Her voice was interrupted by sobs. "Please, Michi! You can do it, I know you can!" Luna tugged on me again, her hands slipping on blood. My blood. "Please..!"
She fell against me, arms around my waist - what was left of it, anyway. I couldn't feel my legs, but the tears running down my cheeks were very much there. "You need to go..more could fall at any moment, Luna. Please.."
As if answering me, the ground shook with a malevolent rage. Luna held on tighter, her body shaking as she tried to control herself. "No! I won't!"
I coughed as the ground abruptly stopped its tremors. Blood splattered down her back and I sagged against her. It was becoming harder and harder for me to see anything. It was so dim.
Was everything always this dim, this peaceful?
I felt as if I was floating.
Oh, there was Luna. Why was she crying? What is she holding?
I could see everything now. The ruined buildings. The upturned cars, the smashed wreckage of some ancient god's wrath. I could see myself, and Luna.
Luna was away from anything else that could fall. I smiled to myself.
"You'll be okay."