Aug 20
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Finding Time

I wake from the night of dreams and
fall into the bright pattern of the morning.
Shrugging off my sleep like my sheets,
I wander around my landscape,
seeing if I can find any residue left from yesterday.
immediately I feel something different.
Overnight the winds of change had blown
my sail around and around and I am no
longer docked to the shore of my thoughts,
I am lost amidst the open ocean of me.
all day I travel my sea, battling fierce thoughts
that sway my consciousness like a fretful child.
I face hurricanes that soak me in salty water,
they taste like tears.
and at the end of day I am still lost,
exploring this landscape I once called as my own.
Many parts of me wanted to give up but more of
me knew that if I didn't even try,
I would never get back myself.
So for many days I wandered through my past,
my present and thought about my future.
and I did just that, everyday for years.
Years and years past but
the ocean didn't seem to have end.
but one day I woke up and
something was different.
Overnight the winds of change had
redirected my compass and watch.
I knew where to go, and I had plenty of time.
I looked down at my reflections,
and instead I found an ocean of words.
I took in lungfuls of words, trying to reach the surface
I kicked and wove my arms
around the sentences pulling me under.
the boat bobbed innocently at top the stanzas,
trying to reach me and be a good little raft,
and when I did I was choking on too many words
I spat out oodles of words, they formed my map
I had lost years ago.
I scooped up all the words in the sea,
I drank them all.
I knew where I should be, so I walked out of the dry desert,
after only hours I found the dock,
and after that was home.
I tried to spit back out the words but there were too many
and inside me they were tossing and turning
reimagining themselves and creating the wool for my spindle,
all night I wove and wove and wove the words out of me,
just as I did to make my forgotten map,
and just like that my path unfolded itself before me,
I knew who I was,
and yet I drank the sea and spit it back out again,
I still haven't gotten all those words out of me...
I doubt I ever will.
they are always growing and evolving.
and when age gets me down and it's
time for me to explore this new self again,
I always find my way out,
every time I wake from a night of dreams,
I walk my landscape once again,
exploring every nook and cranny of myself.
not wanting to miss a single part.