Aug 20
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High School: The New and the Unknown

The New and the Unknown are two things that are related.
I don't quite know why but this is something I have always known.
I start my first year of highschool in two weeks.
Highschool is both new and filled with the unknown.
New is something that is refreshing and good.
New friends,
New classes,
New experiences.
But the unknown,
is terrifying and fueled by my insecurities
Will I be liked?
Will my friends sit with me in lunch?
What if I don't have the right brand of shoes?
What if I answer a question wrong?
What if I get blamed for something not my fault?
The new, is just that, 
But the unknown,
is scary...
To me at least 
(Sorry if it doesn't make sense, I wrote it on a whim about my two main feelings for the new and unknown that reside within the walls of high school)