Aug 24

things i'd like to include in my writing: a checklist

coffee shop setting ;
soft characters, ie, just woke up with their s/o next to them ;
a soft, painless death - old age? with their loved ones near them ;
small things to give personality - gestures, soft/loud voices, tics, etc ;
chapter titles, synopses, maps in the book - if i get published, of course ;
weather descriptions - hard and soft, violent and peaceful ;
full fledged main characters, ie, julio and ravilo ;
fully built worlds, ie, belund, silvest, riore, etc ;
believable motives, and questionable ones too ;
raw emotions ;
pain and hurt but also love and comfort ;
a reoccurring bird that brings luck. a twin that does not ;
character growth. young and scared --> older and more confident ;
rules for magic, not just 'you gotta say the words right' ;
homages to past characters ;
fufilling lives but also empty ones ;
characters with more than one motivation for long amounts of time ;
characters with a single motivation for a short amount of time - ie, crysto & revenge, etc ;
believable breakdowns - why they do ;
tension and keeping it alive ;
juggling multiple characters but also not at the same time. they shouldn't all be the same person ;
major loss - one of two main characters die and the other must live on ;
hard things to talk about nowadays - leon --> leonara ? ;

and the list will grow.