Aug 26
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Igniting Writing ‘Explore’ Contest 2019, Submission by ‘Graceful’ from Young Writers Project

We're lucky enough to have our seventh entry for the teen creative writing ‘Explore’ contest, led in tandem by Igniting Writing, Young Writers Project, Fighting Words and Lake Erie Ink. This entry was submitted by a Young Writers Project member who goes by the name ‘Graceful’ and she has submitted a well written poem titled ‘Chasing Stars’. It’s got some wonderful vivid imagery and explores a nice range of emotions, so it's well worth a look. Have a read of it yourself below:

I woke up to the night sky
And immediately fell in love,
I used the stars as stepping stones
Following the pattern that we created.
I can look down now and see my home,
See the little me staring back up
Knowing that one day, those stars would be in her hands.
To be so high up or am I low? I can no longer find or feel where I am,
Except for a gentle tug in my heart 
Pulling me further out.
I leave what I know and immerse myself
Into a dangerous universe.
Trying to chase the stars that are a losing battle, 
No matter how far I go I never get closer,
I guess maybe they were just to look at,
To wish upon while holding his hand
Or the untouchable art on the black canvas.
But I still try because maybe I have not gone far enough.
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