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Igniting Writing ‘Explore’ Contest 2019, Submission by Thenushan from Igniting Writing

Hot off the presses, we’ve now received entry number nine for our teen creative writing contest on the theme of ‘Explore’. Jointly led by Igniting Writing and three other creative writing clubs for teens (Lake Erie Ink, Fighting Words and Young Writers Project), the competition is in full swing and this most recent submission was sent in by Thenushan, one of our regular attendees of Igniting Writing sessions. Thenushan’s entry is titled ‘The UFO’ and has a lot of fun, fast-paced humour, so have a read below:

It all started at the school science fair. Mr Abercrombie, the headmaster, was inspecting our science projects. I made a lemon powered UFO the size of a classroom. It was actually pretty easy. I all I had to do was bend some aluminium sheets in to the desired shape and then I bolted it together and I added a carpet and some sheets, steering wheel and a set of pedals and it was all finished. Anyway, Abercrombie was inspecting our science projects and he told the whole of Year Seven to get to get into the UFO to apparently check the real capacity.

And then Tyson, the biggest, clumsiest fool on the planet, accidently pressed the start button whilst Abercrombie was pressing the pedals and then we accelerated through the school roof and straight into the cosmos. And then Abercrombie started freaking out because finally had to give a student an A* but everyone was laughing hysterically at the maddened headmaster, we didn’t even see the black hole and then we got sucked through it.

It was a whirlwind of confusion and then we were tumbling around and around and students were getting flung into the sides of my UFO and then we were spat straight out into the middle of space. The whole of Year Seven in space, imagine it – and there was no way that we were get back to school because the black hole had disappeared. We were so deep into the middle of space that there wasn’t even a planet that we were taught about at school but we did find a planet that looked like Saturn except that it was blue. Eatonia, the most annoying person on Earth, told us to go and land on it. All of us didn’t want to but no one wanted to risk a toddler tantrum, so we reluctantly agreed.

Then Eatonia opened the airlock and we were all going to die; surprisingly that didn’t happen. In fact, the planet was perfectly inhabitable. We were going to explore it build our own houses there. But Abercrombie wanted to rule the planet and make us his slaves. But instead they decided to make me the outstanding ruler of the planet. Therefore, I name the planet ‘Templeton’ after myself. After, me and the fellow inhabitants of Planet Templeton ventured around the planet trying to look for unknown lifeforms. Unfortunately, the only lifeforms we found were vegetables. Then Tyson found a bunch of 60 caves right next to each other, so we decide to turn them into a housing estate. We decided to share them one between two, but because I was the supreme leader, I got my own extra-large cave.

But then we realised that there was a problem, we didn’t have lunch. We were probably going to die anyway. But then Tyson showed us the vegetables from earlier and we decided to grill them. I thought that they would taste disgusting like earth vegetables but actually tasted nice, to be honest.

The next day we all woke to a raging earthquake (I don’t think it is an earthquake because we’re not on Earth). Matthews, the type of person that’s often joyful but panics really easily, was screaming his head off and shouting, “Earthquake! Earthquake!”

I stepped out of my cave and found myself being pelted with ice. Then I was struck multiple times by lightning. Storms here are something you really don’t want to face. Then the day faded as ever and the next day came, bringing uninvited guests to Planet Templeton.

We were woken up at the crack of dawn by the rumbling of a spaceship’s turbos. Not just one spaceship, a whole fleet of them! Then the grand mothership landed majestically. And suddenly the exit capsule slid out of the mainframe of the spaceship. Then the solid steel door gracefully skimmed out of the way and then a bucket-load of fog rolled out.

The Leader stepped out into vision. He looked commanding, standing straight-backed. “Take me to your leader!” he demanded.

Then Abercrombie pushed the crowd out the way and claimed he was the leader of the planet. “I am the leader; I welcome you peacefully to my lands.”

And then the whole of Year Seven started arguing. “He’s only our headmaster,” Becky told them truthfully.

“And not a very good one at that, innit,” claimed Bishop the Bling Boy.

Then Abercrombie stood and spoke again. “Ignore that nonsense, I am the lea– Arrgh!” The Leader had shot him with a laser taser gun.

The Leader said, “Take me to your real leader. The one and only Templeton!”

Then I stepped out to worship the Leader. “Hail to you master of the universe, reign peace amongst our fellow bi-peon based life forms,” we both said in unison.

“Why are you worshiping us?” said the Leader of the armada.

“Because you are extra-terrestrial life forms that have come to bless me.”

“No, we are here to worship you, the great leader,” the armada Leader replied.

“Yep, not unexpected,” Michel, my best friend, said sarcastically. “You’ll find that Temps is responsible for all kind of things back on Earth.”

“Thank you,” the armada Leader said.

“Noooooooo, an invasion by aliens that don’t respond to sarcasm?!” Michel cried. “This is terrible!”

At once everyone set up a grand feast for the inter-galactic newcomers. Roast potatoes and grilled vegetables were layered out by Abercrombie, who was now our slave, on the stone table crafted by Choi Hui the karate expert and his ninja skills. But no-one but me noticed the strange behaviour of the armada. They only ate potatoes and as they were galactic beings I thought this linked to my theory about the world being made by a potato.

This had been the biggest adventure of my life on the journey to find out that I was the leader of the universe, but then I actually found out that I was the leader of the universe. But then we found that the armada weren’t just here to see us – they were here to eat us! Then all of us made a run for the armada’s mothership and luckily the black hole opened up for us in time and we arrived at home safe and sound.
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