Aug 28
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Igniting Writing ‘Explore’ Contest 2019, Submission by ‘Treblemaker’ from Young Writers Project

Our ‘Explore’ themed creative writing contest has now hit double figures for entries! The contest is run in collaboration with Fighting Words, Young Writers Project and Lake Erie Ink and as the deadline approaches the competition is becoming more and more fierce! Our newest submission comes from a user of the Young Writers Project website called ‘Treblemaker’, who has sent in a really interesting poem titled ‘Let Me Fly’. It fits in well with the theme and has some vibrant sensory language, so have a read below:

From sea to plains to mountains high
I’ve pursued the sea and sky.
To be held down would be my woe
Because I must get up and go.
Do not try to hold me back
From seeing caves and mountain track
From sleeping under moon and stars
From being far from smog and cars
Cause I can’t do it,
There is no way,
I can’t be tied down in one place.  
Maybe, for a week or two
I’ll meet new people, enjoy the view.
But then I have to pack and go,
There’s more out there I’d like to know.
And do not beg for me to stay
I’ll miss the icebergs far away
I’ll miss the dives and hikes and crawls
I’ll miss the sound of waterfalls
I’ll miss the touch of dirt to skin
I’ll miss the smell when fall begins.
Cause I can’t do it.
Not any more.
I must be free to go explore.
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